We Focus on Innovations

Innovations are the basis for sustainable, profitable growth and are part of our DNA.

MBCC Group offers a comprehensive global R&D network. More than 200 experts focusing on construction chemicals are combining global MBCC Group technologies with in-depth knowledge of local market needs to develop solutions for our customers’ specific construction challenges.

Construction phase:

  • Higher productivity
  • Faster progress
  • Lower overall costs
  • Lower consumption of natural resources
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Improved health protection & safety

Use phase:

  • Extended service life

  • Lower lifecycle costs

  • Higher performance and functionality

  • Higher safety and comfort

How we innovate

At the center of our innovation activities are the current and future needs of our customers. We develop tailored products and solutions to provide performance unmatched in the market place. Our expertise ranges from construction applications to product formulation to chemical synthesis. We put no bounds on solving our customer’s problems, and often the best solutions are a combination of chemistry and construction process adaptation. Ultimately, we want to advance the state of the art of construction. To do so, we utilize global market teams and follow a targeted process to develop our ideas in our global and regional Development Centers in Germany, Italy, UAE, China, Japan, and the USA.

Users and stakeholders are always at the center of our attention and we interact closely during the development phase.

Our experts are currently focusing on delivering high-quality innovations for higher construction productivity, lower overall costs and consumption of natural resources, improved health and safety, and lower maintenance costs in the “in use” phase.

Innovations that shape the world we live in

With continued research and development into new technologies, products and chemical solutions, we lay the foundations for our customers’ long-term success.

Here are some of our recent innovations:

Concrete admixtures

Concrete admixtures

  • Reducing plastic viscosity by up to 30%

MasterEase, a superplasticizer for low-viscosity concrete, improves the rheological properties of high-performance concrete, significantly facilitating its pumping, placing and finishing.

Flooring solution


  • Heavy-duty color-stable flooring with enhanced aesthetics

The innovative Ucrete CS systems provide enhanced aesthetics thanks to their improved resistance to discoloration from UV light and chemical staining.



  • Mastering key waterproofing challenges

The MasterSeal 6100 FX one component rapid curing cementitious membranes can be used as waterproof linings in water retaining structures.



  • Secure foundations for wind turbines

MasterFlow 9800 is a bulk-supplied high-strength grout for offshore wind turbine foundation installations.

Tiling and flooring

Tiling and flooring

  • Refurbishing more easily

The ready-mixed lightweight mortar PCI Novoment Light is about 50 percent lighter than conventional screed materials and extremely easy to use allowing for rapid progress with construction.

Wood preservation

Wood preservation

  • Extending the natural lifecycle of timber

The Wolmanit CX product range – the leading wood preservative based on copper HDO – is used for the vacuum pressure treatment of timber also for protecting highly demanding constructions. (picture credit Europa Park)

Mulch coloring

Mulch coloring

  • Revolutionizing mulch coloring production

The Sahara mulch coloring system decreases the amount of water needed by as much as 75 percent.

Roof Coating

Roof coating

  • Faster waterproofing

Thermotek Secado Rápido is an acrylic waterproofing technology. Its fast-drying formula can be applied to wet surface, it doesn’t need primer and once applied it sets in one hour.

Expansion joint

Expansion joint systems

  • Next-gen expansion joint

WaboCrete Membrane Gen. II is a second-generation durable watertight expansion joint system that manages unforeseen outward structural movements.