PCI Novoment Light: lightweight ready-mixed screed mortar with a new dimension.

Ideal for refurbishing existing buildings: new easy-to-use fast-setting lightweight mortar from PCI

16.04.2020 PCI Novoment Light rounds off the fast-setting mortar range in the PCI Novoment product family of PCI Augsburg GmbH. The new ready-mixed lightweight mortar features a very low weight and is extremely easy to use. It just needs to be mixed with water and has a long working time and a short drying time. This makes PCI Novoment Light the ideal product for refurbishment and extension projects on existing buildings. It also allows rapid progress with construction.

Using lightweight fillers, PCI has developed a new fast-setting screed mortar that is about 50 percent lighter than conventional screed materials. For screeding, refurbishment and tiling contractors, this means that they can also complete screed laying work without any problems on projects where the weight per unit area plays a key role. For example, this applies to wooden beam ceilings and wood flooring as well as substrates which are critical in structural terms in indoor and outdoor areas and in wet rooms. This way, refurbishment and extension work can be planned and implemented more easily. For specialist dealers, the new product supplements and rounds off the fast-setting mortar range.

Screed laying in a single step

PCI Novoment Light is also extremely easy to use – whether applied manually or using machines: after it has been mixed with water, the mortar is easy to apply and compact. After the surface has been leveled and rubbed down, virtually no additional smoothing is required. A load-bearing continuously bonded screed layer can be applied in a single step. This makes for rapid construction progress and facilitates work on sites where access is difficult. Contractors no longer need to carry additional sand to the site for mixing and can also place screed in inaccessible or confined spaces without health damage thanks to the smooth and effortless laying of the mortar.

Long working time, short walk-on time.

PCI Novoment Light has a time window for processing of about one hour but still cures rapidly. The screed can already be walked on after around six hours and can be covered with tiles after about a day. The new ready-mixed mortar has low shrinkage and curling properties; edge curling is almost entirely prevented.

PCI Novoment Light is also suitable for use under under-floor heating systems as well as in cellars and shower areas.

“We have introduced a ready-mixed mortar that offers genuine added benefits for craftspeople and dealers. The development of new products like this is based especially on our practical experience and continuous dialogue with contractors and dealers. The PCI Novoment product family has been firmly established in the marketplace for some time. PCI Novoment Light rounds off the range in the ideal way and can further improve everyday work on building sites as well as advice by specialist dealers,” says Dr. Tobias Gutberlet, Product Manager Construction Systems with PCI Augsburg GmbH.

The new ready-mixed lightweight mortar is available in 15-kilogram sacks providing the same area coverage as a 30-kilogram sack of conventional mortar. PCI Novoment Light is also classed as a very low-emission product in accordance with GEV-EMICODE EC1 PLUS.