Technology for SLS by Master Builders Solutions® revolutionizes concrete screed construction.

  • 10 times shorter construction times thanks to optimal flowability
  • Early strength development allows up to 40% faster drying times
  • Easy processing and quick application of cementitious underlays

The traditional cementitious dry-mix screed method is time consuming and cost
intensive. The experts of Master Builders Solutions have therefore developed the
innovative Technology for SLS that supersedes conventional techniques: it is less
time and labor intensive, reduces construction costs and CO2 emissions and meets
the highest quality standards. Application is easy and quick and doesn’t require
special skills of the applicator.

The screed concrete including the Technology for SLS by Master Builders Solutions
allows fast construction progress. It gives the concrete an optimal flowability and
prolonged workability. “Therefore, less placing labor is required, when at the same
time the quality of the surfaces is improved”, explains Tomasz Moskal, Sales
Manager Admixture Systems Poland at Master Builders Solutions. With the
traditional dry screed mix it takes five workers to lay only 100 to 150 square meters
within one day, whereas with the Technology for SLS, a crew of three workers can
cover up to 1.000 square meters surface in the same time. In addition to that, the binder content in the concrete mixture has been optimized and the thickness
reduced, lowering the overall CO2 footprint per square meter by up to 20% when
compared to the traditional screed.

The Technology for SLS by Master Builders Solutions is an admixture package
based on several specific innovative products: The latest generation
superplasticizer MasterEase, which facilitates superior concrete rheology, the
shrinkage controlling product MasterLife SLS 200, the high performance micro fibers
of the MasterFiber series and MasterKure, curing compounds to maintain concrete’s
strength requirements and to extend its service life.

Contractors and concrete producers are highly satisfied with the innovative solution.
The Polish ready-mix concrete supplier RAK-Bud for example was looking for a
novel screed technology for the construction of a complex of modern multi-floor
apartments in Bialystok, Poland. Together with the team of Master Builders
Solutions they have been developing and testing the Technology for SLS. “Using
the screed concrete with the innovative technology we are entering a completely
new market”, explains Radosław Raczkowski, Co-Owner of RAK-BUD Company.
“With this new solution the application does neither require additional space on the
job-site nor extensive hands-on levelling of the top layer or additional sealing.” Adam
Sawicki, Contract Director of Jagiellonian Apartments, at RS Budownictwo, sees the
main advantage in the faster drying time that enabled a rapid entry for the finishing
work already on the second day. „This speeds up the whole construction process
and will help us a lot to cope with tight time schedules“, he points out.

The success story of RAK-Bud is part of the Master Builders Solutions “Quantified
Sustainable Benefits” campaign, launched across Europe in 2017. The campaign
focuses on projects where customers were able to increase their productivity while,
at the same time, reducing costs and emissions thanks to the advanced chemistry
provided by Master Builders Solutions. The campaign won the prestigious German
Design Award 2020 and the German Brand Award 2019. In 2018 it was honored
with the German Prize for Online Communication for the best microsite and with
three silver awards at the Best of Content Marketing Award.
The success stories from the “Quantified Sustainable Benefits” campaign can be
found at:

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