SpeakUp Procedure

At MBCC Group, we are committed to a high standard of openness, honesty and accountability. This is underlined by the speak up culture we embrace and foster. The speak up culture helps us maintain our outstanding corporate reputation and protects our trustworthy business relations with our customers and partners.

SpeakUp Line for Business Partners

If you observe anything which is clearly not in line with our commitment, our business practices, applicable laws or our Code of Conduct, please do not keep it to yourself. Instead, we encourage you to speak up.

For this, we have put in place the SpeakUp Line for Business Partners - a communication tool through which you can (anonymously) report concerns you have or misconducts you have witnessed.

Who Can Use the SpeakUp Line for Business Partners?

Any third party (supplier, contractors, customer and others) who is impacted by or who observes a misconduct by MBCC Group, its employees or business partners.

The SpeakUp Line for Business Partners is not meant for consumer complaints or other generic questions. For this, please contact us here.

MBCC Group employees can raise their concerns internally via an Employee SpeakUp Line accessible via the Intranet.

How to use the SpeakUp Line for Business Partners?

The SpeakUp Line for Business Partners is available 24/7 and in several languages and is operated by an external service provider. You will receive an individual case number that allows you to track the progress of your case and provides additional information.

We encourage users to provide their name which will help us conduct an effective investigation. All information received will be handled with strict confidentiality. However, if you wish to remain anonymous, your identity will not be captured in the system.

Link to SpeakUp Line for Business Partners

Postal address

If you prefer to raise a concern by letter rather than using the SpeakUp Line for Business Partners, you can send your letter to
MBCC Group
Group Compliance Officer
Gl├╝cksteinallee 43-45
68163 Mannheim