PCI PowerBoard – the fast, reliable system solution for perfect substrates.

New precisely fitting HR foam supporting elements from PCI for time-efficient working on interior construction and renovation projects
PCI PowerBoard, the new premium-quality HR foam supporting element, forms part of the PCI Augsburg GmbH range with immediate effect. For interior construction and renovation projects, the sturdy boards reliably provide a level substrate on floors and walls – even in wet areas and moist rooms. Glassfiber fabric and a special coating make the boards extremely strong and versatile. They can also be cut to any shape and size required, allowing rapid progress with work and ensuring considerable design creativity.

The advantage for users: with PCI PowerBoard, users can rapidly construct reliable, level substrates without removing old coverings or having to build new walls. The high-quality system of HR supporting elements in seven different thicknesses, with corner elements and special accessories, also makes it easy to clad staircases, plinths and bathtubs as well as constructing platforms, niches, individual washing areas or shelves. PCI PowerBoard combines maximum design cresativity with minimum effort.

Easy to process, rapid progress.

Thanks to precise edge cutting, the supporting elements can be processed quickly and tidily; prefabricated angle elements make pipe cladding and corners easy. Thanks to their special coating and glassfiber fabric, the boards are extremely strong, resist deformation and provide a level surface. Using a craft knife, PCI PowerBoard can be easily cut to any shape and size required. Contractors benefit from rapid construction progress and reliable installation.

Universal use for interior construction and renovation.

PCI PowerBoard is the ideal system solution for interior construction for new building and renovation projects. Thanks to their versatility, the boards can be used to accommodate differences in levels on walls and floors, for cladding staircases, plinths and bathtubs and for creating washing areas and shelves. Project owners can produce individual designs and contractors can fulfill their wishes easily and reliably. As they are impermeable to water and have thermal insulation properties, the HR boards are suitable for use in drywall construction in wet areas and moist rooms, even on critical substrates. Tiles and slabs of all types and sizes can be reliably laid on the boards and plaster can also be applied directly.

“Interior construction and renovation work always needs to be completed fast. Contractors need products that are convenient, fast and reliable,” says Thorsten Leppler, PCI Product Manager, Tile and Natural Stone Fixing Products. “As it is extremely versatile, PCI PowerBoard is the perfect system solution – for people working on site and for advisers in specialist dealerships.